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How to Navigate the Winter Energy Supply Crunch

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Region: North America

The winter season is synonymous with peaks in energy demand. This coming winter, energy buyers will continue to be challenged by the speed and scale of 2021's prices. You must be prepared for potential large, unbudgeted bills for natural gas and electricity due to supply constraints.

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Help your business navigate whatever the winter energy market may throw your way with insights from our experts
. Join Jonathan Lee, Energy & Sustainability Analytics Intelligence Manager, and Teresa Pasko, Senior Energy Procurement/Strategy Manager to:

  • Explore the 2021-22 energy market outlook and what it means for winter-sensitive markets across North America
  • Understand how the energy supply crunch has affected Europe and what the rest of the world can expect
  • Learn how your company’s energy supply (and energy budget) can be more resilient through the ups and downs of weather swing

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