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Implementing High-Impact, Low-Cost Green Energy Solutions

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Webinar │ Held November 11, 2023

From overcoming obstacles in the decarbonization journey to dispelling myths surrounding carbon offsetting and renewables sourcing, hear from our experts and the Major Energy Users Council (MEUC). In a concise and insightful session, Robert Brown, Malavika Bambawale, and Joseph Sarvary from ENGIE Impact presented project learnings and market insights to dispel misconceptions surrounding the adoption of cost-effective green energy solutions.

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Key Takeaways

How To Overcome the Main Hurdles to Decarbonization

Innovative contracting models are key enablers to accelerate the implementation of decarbonization solutions, they will help your organization overcome hurdles such as the lack of internal capabilities, limited data and tech, budget constraints, and internal governance bottlenecks. We mapped associated tactics and technologies for two approaches: first, the rollout of a solution-oriented program, versus a single-site approach through replicable templates.

The Main Renewable Energy Options and Where Can They Be Sourced

We provided a view into the availability of sourcing options such as EACs, (v)PPAs, and on-site solar programs. and into actionable approaches for achieving energy savings and adopting renewable energy sourcing with precision. And we shared our checklist for meeting your renewable electricity strategy.

Debunking Misconceptions About Carbon Offsetting

What is a carbon credit and what is carbon offsetting? Why should companies take a last but not later approach to incorporating carbon credits in their strategy? Together with market factors, price forecasts, and procurement methods, we’ve shown how an additional and independently audited carbon project will monetize and create a tradeable emission certificate.

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