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Solution Study: Green Thermal & Clean Molecules

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Ben Moens Managing Director, Sustainability Solutions - EMEA
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The Role of Industrials in Leading the Next Wave of Decarbonization

Held September 22, 2020 | Region: EMEA

During the past decade, renewable electricity has matured into an affordable instrument for a large-scale reduction of greenhouse gas emissions related to industrial power consumption, both through on-site deployments and green-sourcing models. In order to reach the 2030 ambitions, the coming decade needs to bring solutions to tackle the bigger decarbonization challenges related to thermal needs and alternative feedstocks for industrials. As part of ener.CON Europe 2020, this presentation by Ben Moens, Managing Director, Sustainability Solutions - EMEA from ENGIE Impact, offers a perspective on the opportunities and challenges to scaling up emission reduction of thermal applications and industrial processes.

Topics addressed are:

  • green fuel and feedstock options,
  • circular carbon,
  • the convergence between utilities and core industrial processes,
  • synergies through collaboration,
  • closing the funding gap,
  • and market development for low-carbon products.