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Reduce, Procure, Transform: Mature Your Energy Program

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Held November 18, 2020

Optimizing your energy program across consumption reduction and procurement

The business case for sustainability is stronger than ever. Seventy-five percent of global executives believe that excellent sustainability execution provides a competitive advantage.*

Historically, organizations have focused on individual, high-ROI efficiency projects that are easy to implement, effective for external marketing and critical for optimizing operations. But these are no longer enough. Motivated by financial, operational, regulatory and reputational drivers, more organizations than ever are committing to bigger, more aggressive and more ambitious sustainability goals that are forcing them to re-evaluate the kinds of projects they pursue.

Two areas where organizations are sharpening their focus are energy efficiency and renewable energy. Organizations are looking for ways to mature their programs, but our research demonstrates the varying degrees of program maturity, each with their own barriers and areas of opportunity.

During this webinar recording, you will hear from a panel of senior energy and sustainability leaders on what levers they’re pulling to increase the maturity of their energy management programs.

Specifically, you’ll learn about:

  • What levers you can pull to progress your renewable energy and energy efficiency programs
  • Examples, directly from organizations, about what they’re doing to increase their maturity
  • How to self-assess your company’s sustainability program

*Source: Global Executive Survey: Known Gaps and Blind Spots in Corporate Sustainability


Kevin Merritt, Head of NA Maintenance, Circle K

Matt Pittinger, PE, CEM, CEA, Senior Energy Manager, ENGIE Impact

Brian Dooley, Sr. Director Renewable Consulting, ENGIE Impact


John Failla, Founder & Editorial Director, Smart Energy Decisions

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