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Climate Action Insights: Data to Accelerate Implementation

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Varun Gowda Chief Digital Officer
Climate Action
Climate Week

Climate Week NYC brings business leaders together to discuss a sustainable future and what it takes to get it done. Our expert Varun Gowda, Chief Digital Officer discusses how to overcome some of the largest barriers to Net Zero goals with technology and data.

Video Transcript

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How Can Companies Accelerate the Implementation Process?

All companies need three core pillars to accelerate their implementation. First is the right systems. The second is the right expertise. And third is the right process.

How Are Companies Leveraging Technology to Tackle Their Net Zero Goals?

Oftentimes, the biggest barrier for action is a lack of high-quality decision-making worthy data. Companies are now leveraging technologies that are democratized, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, to create synthetic data to address some of the gaps in their data collection efforts. We see this trend influencing the dynamic trajectory that companies can drive in their ambition and sustainability transformation.

What Are Some Interesting Insights or Trends you Heard at Climate Week NYC?

We live in an era of great disruption, with multiple challenges across energy security, the effects of climate change, and an uncertain global economy. These are some of the key insights from Climate Week in New York City. Some of the key trends that we observed were the notion of hope and belief in collective action, and what it can do to help us get on the right track at the right pace and the right scale.

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