Sustainability Transformation: The Role of Data

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ENGIE Impact’s Bryan Long, Chief Digital Officer, and Paige Janson, Chief Operating Officer, Resource Data Management, share how crucial data is to set and manage sustainability goals.

Video Transcript

Paige: The issue of sustainability has become a global problem. And clients who have sites all over the world are now grappling with this issue of how to manage and measure sustainability.

Corporations are setting big goals around sustainability transformation, and as time goes on, you need to have check points in order to understand where you've been and also to measure and course-correct how you need to advance in order to hit those goals in the future.

Bryan: Data has changed so drastically over the last 10 years. We look back 10 years in data, what we saw was everyone trying to just collect more and more data. And without really thinking of what the data was, what the quality was, and everything else. We saw an increase in velocity of data, in the variety of data and everyone was storing it.

So now what we're seeing today is really that perception that you need to govern the data and you need to understand the data and you need to ensure that it's quality data.

And so we're seeing a lot more effort be put into not only the collection of the data but the curation of it and everything else, and that's through Chief Data Officers and other types of skills that are coming in and really looking at how do you quantify that quality, as well as the value of that data.

I think technology, the way it's evolving, with sensors and with more granular data is key to sustainability.

Paige: Data is the heartbeat of how corporations manage their business.

Companies cannot manage what they don’t measure. Visibility into data is critical to establishing a baseline, setting accelerated goals, and tracking progress.

Data Paves The Path To Sustainability Transformation

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