Sustainability Transformation: Closing the Gap to Goal

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Clinton Moloney, Managing Director, Sustainability Solutions, shares how ENGIE Impact is helping organizations close the gap from ambition to goal.

Video Transcript

Clinton: One of the things we're seeing is that there is an enormous gap between goals that have been set, and the pace of change that we can see that companies are making.

The other thing that we're seeing is there's an enormous gap between the amount of capital that is being committed to drive the sustainability transformation.

So, what's with this? Why is there so much ambition and so much capital and not enough movement? And I think that's what ENGIE Impact is set up to help solve.

ENGIE, with its expertise in energy and clean technologies, understands how to make the investments, how to make the business case, how to sequence the pathway so that companies can not only declare goals that are material for addressing climate change, but they've got that year-over-year progress we need to be actually making a difference.

If you wanted a tree, the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The next best time to plant a tree is today. So, let’s get started with your sustainability program today.

85% of companies have set sustainability goals but only 28% are on track. ENGIE Impact closes the gap between setting goals and achieving them.

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