Microsoft Pledges to Be Carbon Negative by 2030

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Carbon Neutral

No more carbon footprint. Ever. Redmond pledges to remove all the carbon it has created since it was founded back in the 1970s.

Microsoft has made a tough environmental pledge after it promised to remove “all of the carbon” from the environment that it emitted ever since Redmond was founded back in 1975.

Chief executive officer Satya Nadella has stated he wanted to achieve the ambitious goal by 2050.

A carbon negative pledge is different from a carbon-neutral pledge. Back in 2012, Microsoft said it would be carbon neutral across all its direct operations by July 2013.

gradient-quote Microsoft’s carbon negative strategy, as well as a similar recent announcement late last year from Ikea, demonstrates the continuing trend of large corporations seeking to make a step-change impact on climate. gradient-quote-right
Mathias Lelièvre, Chief Executive Officer