Path to Net Zero: Miners Seek Partners to Achieve Renewables Goals

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Jonathan Mayhew Director, Strategy & Implementation, Mining - Americas
Net Zero
Mining Sector

Miners are seeking reliable partners to support the costly renewable energy that will play a critical role in their Net Zero plans.

Under pressure from investors, governments and their own customers, 20 of the world's 30 largest mining companies by market capitalization have set Net Zero or carbon neutrality goals, with 2050 as the most common target year for emissions cuts. Some of the largest direct emission cuts will come from switching to renewable energy to power mine operations, according to reports released by the top 10 miners with official decarbonization goals.

gradient-quote There's certainly a need for localized power sources, and a bigger mine may or may not be close to a grid. It's very much about understanding what infrastructure actually exists versus what infrastructure is required. Some jurisdictions are naturally more favorable for renewables than others. gradient-quote-right
Jonathan Mayhew, Director of Mining, Americas

Hear more from Jonathan Mayhew, Director of Mining for the Americas at ENGIE Impact on how miners seek partners to achieve renewables goals on the path to Net Zero.

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