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Hurdles to Net Zero for the Consumer Goods Sector

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Mark Chadwick Managing Director, Sustainability Solutions ENGIE Impact EMEA
Consumer Goods Sector
Food & Beverage Industry

The Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) hosted its 2023 Global Summit in Kyoto, Japan with over 900 participants attending from 33 countries.

In this podcast, Mark Chadwick, EMEA Executive Managing Director at ENGIE Impact talks with Zoe Daruwalla, host of the Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) Podcast, about the key takeaways from CGF’s recent Global Summit in Kyoto and the main challenges companies in the food & beverage and consumer goods sector are facing as they strive to achieve Net Zero. These include:

  1. How the Consumer Goods sector is progressing in its goal to decarbonize
  2. The most critical barriers and challenges that the sector faces on the road to achieving Net Zero
  3. Why it’s so challenging to translate Net Zero goals and strategies into concrete actions and who should be taking the lead in driving this process within an organization
  4. The primary solutions and strategies available to effectively overcome these barriers
  5. The sector’s decarbonization targets and which specific areas the sector should focus on in the immediate term
  6. The five-session 2023 CGF x ENGIE Impact masterclass virtual series, which is available to all CGF members to join, with topics covering: global energy markets and pricing, carbons credits and offsetting strategy, PPAs, and EV and Mobility.

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