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Drivers of Change: Emerging Champions in Energy Intensive Sectors

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Supply Chain Decarbonization
Net Zero Strategies

Webinar │ Held December 14, 2023

As the energy transition accelerates, new decarbonization champions are emerging, challenging established leaders to expedite their energy transformation. What are the catalysts for low-carbon business models and products?

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The connection between production, energy consumption, and sourcing demands strategic decisions anchored in future energy economics and emissions considerations. Crafting a bold yet pragmatic strategy to reduce global emissions becomes the keystone, shaping a company's pivotal role in combating the climate crisis.

During this roundtable discussion, Stephan Gobert (ENGIE AMEA), Phillipe Alboort (ArcelorMittal) and Ben Moens (ENGIE Impact) shared their insights on coping with market dynamics and the latest energy transition requirements across regions and industry sectors.

Key Takeaways

1. Navigating the Economic Landscape

  • Electrification, green molecules and carbon capture technologies
  • Supply chain options and resilience

2. Developing Collaborative Models

  • On the supply side, through new sourcing models in capabilities building, financing and implementation
  • On the demand side, through JV partnerships and commitments

3. Partnerships Success Stories

  • A conversation on key development projects like Steelanol and the Porth of Ghent, Hydrogen Import Coalition and energy production hubs in AMEA

To learn more about how market leaders are approaching the energy transition, watch the recording below.

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